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Winner of 2020 Pushcart Prize for "Dearest Water," originally published in Clover.

Reviews of Echo poems in Red Voice

  • "In Red Voice," Nancy Takacs explores a voice of adventure and wisdom, of finding a way, through rough music and appetite . . . to reach a place where a lover must promise that 'he will not speak until/it improves on silence.'" -- Donna J. Long, poet and editor of Kestrel, and Isle of Flowers

  • "Here, as throughout the body of her work. . . . Takacs has a way of making language seem to spill onto the page: her soul, it seems, writes through her."  -- Carol Henrikson, author of The Well, and Knowing Nothing About Gypsies

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Reviews of The Worrier Poems

    Nancy Takacs has recently won a Pushcart Prize (2020 anthology) for "Dearest Water," published in Clover. Her poems appear in The Harvard Review, Kestrel, Hayden's Ferry Review, Nimrod, Weber, and many other literary journals. She is the recipient of awards, including The Juniper Prize, Finalist for the National Poetry Series, runner-uo for The Missouri Review Editor's Prize,The Sherwin Howard Poetry Prize, the 2018 15 Bytes Poetry Prize, the 2016 15 Bytes Poetry Prize, The Nation/Discovery Award, and the book-length Poetry Award from the Utah Arts Council. Nancy has also been an artist-in-the schools, as well as in prisons. An MFA from the Iowa Writer's Workshop, she is an emeritus professor at Utah State University Eastern, and former wilderness studies instructor. She currently teaches writing workshops privately, and for communities of writers.

Nancy is the inaugural Poet Laureate of Helper City, Utah,

and is the originator of The Steamboat Mountain Reading Series in Helper.  


Reviews of The Worrier Poems

Blue Patina, Blue Begonia Press,

winner of 2016 "15 Bytes" Book Award 

Reviewed by Danielle Dubrasky



"Coming Back" and "Garter Snake"

forthcoming in Canary, reprinted from Clover.

"Making Up" forthcoming in Moon City Review, March 2020

A Pushcart Prize for "Dearest Water,"  in 2020 anthology,  originally appearing in Clover.

"God, In the Garden" in Red Rock Review.

"The Worrier failure" in Deep Wild anthology.

"Cilantro,"  "Prairie Dog Crossing," "I-70  Utah," and "Utah Garden," forthcoming in Weber: a Journal of the Contemporary West

"Dreaming of the Men" and "Natural History" in Voices of Eve, Spring 2019.

"Accident" and "Light Box"  in  2River Review,

"Lavender" and "Lilies" Kestrel, Spring 2019

"Dearest Water"  Clover, 

Summer 2018

"Poem for Women Only" and "Driving to Town for Mangoes," Limberlost Review, Winter 2019. 

"Pieces in a Whole Mirror" and "A Mirror's Reply" Sugarhouse Review, 2018.

"What the Landscape Might Say" 

commemorative poem for the Helper Project's Fine Art Landscape Show

Red Voice, Finishing Line Press, 2016

The Worrier, Juniper Prize for Poetry,

2017, U. of Massachusetts Press, finalist for the National Poetry Series, and 2018 winner of the 15 Bytes Poetry Book Award.

"Talking to God on County Road H"

Runner-up for Missouri Review Editor's Prize, published Spring 2017 

"Coming Back"  Clover, Fall 2017

"The Worrier scars," "The Worrier vanishing bees," and "The Worrier yellow-headed blackbirds" in Weber Journal, Spring 2017

"Wildness for Emily Dickinson,"  

Red Rock Review, Spring 2017

Blue Patina, Blue Begonia Press, 2015

winner of 2016 "15 Bytes" Book Award 

Reviewed by Danielle Dubrasky

Juniper, hand-letter press chapbook, Limberlost Press, 2012


Reviews of The Worrier Poems

Reviews of The Worrier Poems

Reviews of The Worrier Poems

  • "...Like any explorer worth her salt, she is a wanderer confident enough to 'get lost,/turn the map upside down,/be surprised.'" -- James Haug, Juniper Prize for Poetry judge

  • "These exquisite poems observe the fretful mind's gentle and persistent voices that strive for self understanding..." -- Elizabeth Savage, author of Idylliad

  • "Here we understand how without questions we could not make sense of anything." -- Dara Wier, Juniper Prize for Poetry judge

  • "Imagine waking at sunrise just beneath timberline....lifting a double handful splash of the world's crispest water to your face. That is how Nancy Takacs's poems strike, and my reaction is always delightful astonishment." -- David Lee, author of Bluebonnets, Firewheels, and Black-Eyed Susans.

  • "Exploring how nature informs our most intimate relationships....these poems stun and fascinate as if they have been chiseled from canyon walls, their edges smoothed and rounded by river current " -- Kate Kingston, author of History of Grey

                  Review by Katie Kingston

                  in Sugarhouse Review, 2017 


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